Easi File Model EF200

USD $2,695.00

Maximum Document Size: 36″ x 48″



Open. Sort. Retrieve. It really can be that simple. Easi Files are handcrafted to provide you with the optimal experience in blueprint storage, plat storage, and map storage. Operated from a comfortable standing position, the Easi File will delight you with its smart features; from the pre-filing hooks on the door, to the organizational possibilities, to the wide array of supply options custom-tailored for your valuable documents.

Through a unique combination of contemporary looks and leading edge functionality, the Easi File system will transform your Plan Room into a source of pride. The Easi File journey begins by selecting the model to fit your widest documents. All of your smaller documents will fit in the same cabinet, so there’s no need to artificially organize by document size. There are even specially designed envelopes for holding related documents like sign off sheets, posters, and digital media, which means everything related to your project can be stored together.

Easi Files are purpose built for Blueprint StoragePlat Storage, and Map Storage. Inside the Easi File your documents are stored vertically, which makes working with them faster and easier. With your documents stored vertically, they are literally at your fingertips! Easi Files provide you, and other stakeholders, with the following important benefits:

  • Save Space
    Easi Files require up to 69% less floor space than flat files!
  • Save Time
    An organizational timesaver! All your documents are labeled, grouped, and organized to your specifications.
  • Document Protection
    Safely stored within a fully-enclosed space, your documents are protected from the elements and the rips & tears common with flat files.
  • Ease of Use
    As easy as using a 3 ring notebook! Simply find the document you want, then fully open the Easi File to retrieve it.
  • Ergonomically Correct
    Easi Files are operated from a standing position, making them safer and more comfortable to use than other large document storage systems.

Experience the difference for yourself – try Easi File!

Easi File Overview Video

Additional information

Weight 335 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 43 × 61 in

Sand Beige, Black

Document Capacity

1,000-2,500 depending on document thickness and storage method chosen

Unit of Measure



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