Easi File Cart for Model EF200

USD $275.00

Your Easi File Cabinet is fully operational while on the Cart!



The Easi File Cart adds mobility to your Easi File System, allowing you to easily move a fully-loaded Easi File cabinet, even through doorways. The Carts are finished in the same pebble texture powder coat as the Cabinets and have 3″ diameter wheels to allow the Easi File Cart to roll smoothly over both carpeted and hard-flooring surfaces. The Easi File Cabinet remains fully operational while on the Cart, giving you easy access to the documents inside.

The Easi File Cart consists of a reversible Handle that bolts to the back of the Easi File Cabinet, and a four-wheeled Cart that the Easi File Cabinet rests on. The Cart has fixed wheels at one end, and swivel wheels at the handle end to optimize maneuverability and stability. The Handle & Swivel Wheels can be positioned on either side of the Easi File Cabinet, giving you ultimate flexibility when positioning the system.


Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 24 × 4 in

Sand Beige, Black

Unit of Measure



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